Levente Bagi – Ruby/Elixir Backend Developer

Available for work from January 2019 in Berlin, Germany.

I plan to move to Berlin at the beginning of 2019 and I will be available for interviews in the first week of December.

About me

I'm a software developer with 12 years of experience. I have been mainly working with Ruby on Rails during the past 8 years and recently added Elixir to my toolbox. I have also been hacking on side-projects with React/MobX and VanillaJS.

My main focus is maintainable code and architecture. Software projects tend to become increasingly hard to maintain over time because the increasing complexity makes the code difficult to understand and leads to bugs and slow development. This can be mitigated by extracting isolated modules or services and introducing good abstractions. I can build an easy-to-maintain system from the ground up or gradually rearchitect a running system to make it more maintainable and extendable.

You can find some of my code on GitHub, or in a more organised format on my Code page.

I can lead a small development team but I'm not interested in a management role. I've been told I write good documentation and clear JIRA tickets, and I'm obsessed with drawing diagrams.

I speak English fluently and I'm currently learning German (A2/B1). My native language is Hungarian and I'm a citizen of Romania (member of the EU).


2016-2018 – Syft, London – temporary staffing startup – lead the rewrite of the v2 backend with a modular approach, using Rails and a little Elixir, then continued to adjust the design to support new features and improve scalability

2012-2015 – Square Enix, London – game publishing – cleaned up the originally experimental single-sign-on app written in Rails and extended it to be used by various websites and games

2010-2012 – Picklive, London – real-time fantasy-football – Ruby on Rails development

2006-2010 – PHP development at various companies in Hungary

2001-2006 – University of Debrecen, Hungary – Software Engineering & Mathematics

More details on LinkedIn.

Get in touch

Please send me an email and confirm that the start date is no sooner than January 2019 and that knowledge of English is sufficient.

Recruiters – Sorry, please don't contact me, unless you are the exclusive recruiter for that company.