Code by Levente Bagi

Want to see some of my code? Here's a guide to my GitHub with the hope that it makes finding the interesting bits quicker for you.

Please note that these are mostly experiments, so it does not exactly meet professional standards – e.g. I normally use TDD, and I don't leave debugging lines in production code ;)



  • uptom (an earlier version of – periodically checks your website and sends an email when it's down; it also provides a dashboard which is notified via a Phoenix channel. CheckSupervisor manages many SiteManagers, which is responsible for scheduling checks, which are done in Checker.

  • fluff-web-ui – displays test run progress and any errors; receives data from fluff-gem

  • adventofcode2018 – coding puzzles


  • brahin-frontend – VanillaJS front-end part of Brahin wiki; progressive web application; can support different editor plugins and different storage strategies (backend, pouchdb); the entry point is init, the core ties everything together, storage contains the API for loading and saving content, spa and linking ensures that navigating between pages is snappy.

  • brahin-slate-editor – an editor plugin for Brahin, built with React, and based on the Slate.js editor framework. The fun part is in custom-slate-editor, which contains the CustomEditor component and the plugins. The integration with Brahin happens in index-memonite – the dependencies are injected by setEnv. This editor plugin can be developed in isolation using the index-development and a mockEnv.

  • slate-edit-list (fork) – a plugin for Slate; I forked it to upgrade it to a new Slate version